Slap Scaffolding (Table Type) Systems

It is used as load bearing scaffolding under slab and beam. Our system enables it to be used in 3 different functions as table type slab scaffolding, loading tower and ladder tower. The head spindles (U head or 4 way) can be used to balance the slab and beam while base spindles are used to balance the scaffolding. Without disassemble, the scaffolding system can be relocated by using table carrier and Crane component. Also, the scaffolding system is designed according to your demands and projects by ALPMAKSAN. The width of the panels is 150cm with different height options in 110-150-180-200cm. The pipes in panels are 60*3mm, flat pipes are 48*2,5mm and the diagonal ones are produced with 34*2,5mm thickness with TSI certified. We use arc welding in the phase of productions. The system is rapid dyed and can be galvanized if required.

H type load-bearing scaffolding system consists of H frame. The frame element is the main part of the scaffolding system and it has a high carrying capacity.

  • A practical system to install and use.
  • Each element of the system is compatible with each other and they are connected with the frame assembling equipment.
  • Ease of (de)installation increases the speed of the construction period.
  • A safe system.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • Practical solutions for high floor applications.

Table framework is used at the floors and under beams as a load bearing scaffolding. It consists of two selections;

Upper Part:

  • Plywood
  • Main carrier
  • Sub-carrier
  • Four-way head

The plywood is connected to the sub-carriers with screw. Sub-carriers are conected to the main carriers with timber connection elements.

Lower Part:

  • Main frame
  • Diagonal element
  • Upper and lower adjusting equipment

Upper and lower parts are assembled via cotter and gib.