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ALPMAKSAN has expanded its long years-based experience on construction, scaffolding, machinery and elevator systems to facade and service elevators. The firm aims to become a world brand for construction facade elevators which present advantages for occupational health and safety, time and cost.

The firm establishes “the safety systems” concept in the elevator and construction sector and carries out research and development and product development activities in that field.

As it is known, it is fundamental that technology and safety are at the highest level for elevator systems. ALPMAKSAN, which combines its occupational health and safety approach with advanced technology and adopts priority of life by putting up its financial worries aside, presents the facade and service elevator systems produced by the firm to the service of the construction sector. ALPMAKSAN establishes its business approach on three trivets based on people, technology and trust.

During, these days where occupational safety is considered more significantly, the products of ALPMAKSAN are successfully and reliably used in projects and undertakings of several esteemed construction firms.

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