Capacity 3000 kg
Speed 8 m/min
Maximum Height 250 m
Maximum Width 30 m
Motor 4 x 2.2 kw
Auto-leveling Platform automatically straighten itself
Main Unit Provides safe using by steel chasis and high security systems.
Columns Galvanized 4mm steel section provides high durability and long life. It has 65 kg weight and 1.5 mt height. Also suitable with hoist products.
Electrical Panel With PLC system faults has reduced to minimum level. During a fault, user can see the source of the fault on the PLC screen.

Parachute Brake (Backup Brakes)

If, the elevator goes out of control or falls, the backup brakes of the elevator which are completely free from electricity are activated and lock the system and do not allow startup of the system until the technical staff arrive.


ciftli tech

What are the advantages of the mast climbing working platforms?

  • The platform can be easily assembled and disassembled by two persons.
  • The platform runs quiet and without any vibration. It does not cause visual pollution.
  • It can be easily handled and stored as it can be disintegrated and it is modular.
  • It allows for faster completion of projects by less personnel compared to classic scaffolding systems. It also provides high rates of saving from time and workmanship compared to classic scaffolding systems.
  • The safety is increased up to the highest level by means of the steel frame body, stronger columns, precision stability system, extra safer guardrails on the platform, safety belts, direction at the desired elevation by means of PLC computer control, automatic floor access through remote control, emergency, failure detection and troubleshooting by sensors, safe handling and lifting any material, powerful and reliable engines, safe and soft stop by parachute break in case of an emergency, emergency stop and audible notification (alarm system).
  • Advantages provided from time and workmanship, easy and efficient handling and storing facilities, availability to use for much longer time and in more projects provide serious cost advantages.
  • By means of the mast column system, columns can be used both in the work platforms and service elevators. High resistance is ensured for the columns with their 4mm with profile thickness.
  • The platform is suitable for both the new construction projects, maintenances and repairs of existing buildings and facilities and kinds of exterior facade works such as glass glazing, aluminium and granite coating/siding, jacketing, plastering and etc.